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Release Fingers & Rapid Opening Closures

Rapid Opening Closure

Product ID: PE-03-02-02

Closures are pressure retaining structures designed to provide access to pipelines and pressure vessels. to provide fast access to pipelines and pressure vessels. Quick to open or close in just 30 secondstwo simple movements, removal of vent plug and the 25º turn of the handle is all that is required to rapidly release the closure.…

Sphere Release Finger

Product ID: PE-03-02-01

Sphere Release Finger enables a multi-loaded sphere launcher to sequentially launch spheres without opening the launcher. This saves the time taken to de-pressurise and re-pressurise the system after each launch. When fitted to receivers, they allow the controlled, safe unloading of multiple spheres one at a time. Sphere Release Mechanisms can be either manually or power operated and are generally suitable for sphere sizes 4” to 54”. The release mechanism design will either incorporate a release pin/finger or a flap arrangement.…