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Launcher & Receiver Pig Traps

Semi-automatic control system

Product ID: PE-03-01-06

These are used to automate the return of the Marplug from the Receiving Station thus saving the operator from journeys to and from the Launch and Receive Stations. Fully Automatic. This allows the whole recovery and cleaning processed to be controlled from either an external source (such as an existing PLC/SCADA system), or by a single operator push button.

Automatic System for the clearing of process pipelines

Product ID: PE-03-01-04

This is the standard type of system used for automatic recovery of product. At end of recovery or cleaning run, the Marplug (pig) is returned to Launching Station from Receiving Station by being propelled back with air or liquid. Marplug (pig) remains in system ready for next batch.…

Automatic Multiple Pig Launching System

Product ID: PE-03-01-02

Typically the Automatic multiple pig launching system is ideal for use on:

  • Unmanned platforms
  • Isolated launch sites
  • Subsea pigging sites
  • High frequency pigged pipelines
  • Existing pig launchers

Pig and spheres Launcher and Receiver Trap

Product ID: PE-03-01-01

The purpose of a pig launcher or receiver is to introduce or retrieve pigs, spheres or inspection tools from a pipeline. Launchers and receivers are built to suit the specific requirements of a pipeline. Launchers and receivers for sub-sea, off-shore and onshore are available.…

Product Recovery Systems

Product ID: PE-03-01-05

In the recovery Product system, the Marplug (Pig) is loaded into launching station via end access and propelled through line with air or liquid to expel product and to clean the line. The Marplug (pig) is then removed from the receiving station and cleaned ready for the next run.…

Traps for multiple launches

Product ID: PE-03-01-03

These units are designed to allow the sequential launching of pigs and spheres. In conjunction with release fingers and/or coordinated valve operation the launch process can be controlled remotely enabling traps to be installed on unmanned platforms and facilities. This enables sequential launching to take place without having to repeatedly de-pressurise and re- pressurise after each launching.…