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Non Intrusive Pig Signallers

Non Intrusive Acoustic Pig Signallers

Product ID: PE-02-02-02

The Model 4000D MAGSIG is a robust Non-Intrusive Magnetic Pig Signaller used to detect and confirm the passage of magnetic pigs at critical points along a pipeline. The unit can log up to 100 events with time and date stamps. Logged data is displayed on a high visibility display incorporated into the unit. A single button is used to cycle through events and/or erase events...

Non Intrusive Magnetic Pig Signallers

Product ID: PE-02-02-01

The Non-Intrusive Pig Signaller makes pig detection incredibly easy. Easy to install and easy to read – the Remote indication System lets you see passage LEDs up to 100 meters away. The Magnetic Non-Intrusive Pig Signaller is completely nonintrusive and easily bands to the outside of pipelines from 2” to 60”. Since the Magnetic Non-Intrusive Pig Signaller is non-intrusive corrosion problems are avoided.…