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Other Instruments

Vent and Flare Gas Recovery System

Product ID: INS-08-01-06

Based on the unique Northey compressor design, and combining the highest levels of reliability and durability with an oil-free lubrication system, the packages offer the ideal solution to the problem - converting gasses previously vented to the flare into a reusable resource, whilst removing harmful contaminants. This helps reduce overall costs for the operator and protects the environment. Unlike many alternatives, Northey compressors are not lubricated with oil and so gas pollution is avoided - this was another crucial factor in securing the order…

Orifice Plates and Unions

Product ID: INS-08-01-04

Orifice Flanges with simple calibrated orifice plate, or mounted on a monolithic support or between anular chambers. Coupling surfaces Raised Face type or Ring Joint type, flange Ratings from ANSI 150 to ANSI 2500, nominal diameters from 2 to 50 inches…

Metering Skid for gas and liquids

Product ID: INS-08-01-02

We provides Skid-Mounted Systems, each engineered to our customer's exact requirements for Natural Gas Metering, Pressure Regulation, Conditioning and Control. These skids have been supplied to, Gas Distribution / Gas Transportation Companies and End Users

Thickness Gauge

Product ID: INS-08-01-01

This thickness gage uses the transit time propagation method but is used in applications where the thickness of a solid is unknown and measurements are made by placing the sensor on the solid's surface to ascertain it's thickness in mm

Oil Free Compressors and Vacuum Pumps

Product ID: INS-08-01-05

Compression ratios up to 4:1 can be achieved in a single stage, producing 3 barG from atmospheric suction. Machines are often packaged in two stages to achieve pressures up to 7 barG, or are used as boosters. Depending on the duty, packages are either air or water cooled, using either site water or an integral closed circuit cooling system. Wet and dirty gases can be handled and a range of coatings can also be applied to deal with corrosion…

Venturi Tubes

Product ID: INS-08-01-03

Venturi tubes are characterized by several outstanding features. They have the same capacity as flow nozzles, which is about 60 % greater than that of orifice plates for the same operating differential and orifice to pipe ratio. Permanent pressure loss is very low ranging from 10 to 20 % of the differential and Reynolds number variations have a much slighter effect on Venturi tubes than on flow nozzles or orifice-plates.