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Turbine Flowmeters

Low flow & low cost turbine flow meter

Product ID: INS-05-01-04

Our comprehensive ranges of radial flow turbine meters offer a selection of products for many differing types of application. Some are suitable for chemical plant others for the semi-conductor industry and others are ideal for drink dispense or beer monitoring equipment. All have rugged bearings and excellent repeatability. The choice of fitting type reflects the function of the meter, some have simple hose barbs and others may be fitted with custom designed process connections to suit a OEM installation

Insertion turbine Flowmeter Removable under pressure

Product ID: INS-05-01-03

Series 5000 Insertion Turbine Flowmeter is designed for applications where installation and removal from the pipeline without interruption to flow and economy of cost is important than extreme accuracy of measurement. These are ideally suited for use in large diameter pipelines where the cost of inline meters would be prohibitive. The installation and removal of these meters can be done through a suitable valve while the flow-line remains under pressure

Custody Transfer Turbine Meters

Product ID: INS-05-01-02

The Custody Transfer Series Inline Turbine Flowmeters are designed to provide high accuracy liquid flow measurement under the exacting conditions encountered in the Oil/Petroleum Industry. Capable of achieving ±0.15% linearity or better, over specified flow range, they are specifically intended for use in fiscal or custody transfer applications. 

Turbine Flowmeters for gas and liquids

Product ID: INS-05-01-01

These flowmeters are precise, reliable, rugged and built to international standards. Sizes range from 5 to 500 mm with flanged end connections and 5 to 50 mm with threaded end connections. All flowmeters are individually calibrated In-house on Certified Calibration Laboratory