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Corrosion Monitoring Systems

Sand Erosion Detectors

Product ID: PE-04-01-06

Intrusive sand erosion monitors provide the ultimate in sensitivity to the erosive effects of solids in production flows. Extensively tested against other techniques and products by end-users, the designs have been proven to be the optimum solution in surface and subsea applications…

Injections and sampling Quills

Product ID: PE-04-01-04

Systems for injecting into and sampling from on-line processes form part of the Cormon product range, especially where the standard AC and RC access systems are the means entry. provides a custom equipment service for fixed and retractable injection & sampling equipment where our design expertise may be used to develop project specific solutions …

CEION® Measurement Technology

Product ID: PE-04-01-02

It is ideal for monitoring oil/gas production and processing systems. A technology that is just as capable of driving the real-time control loop of an inhibitor pump as it is of operating without maintenance between planned shutdowns.…

Corrosion Monitoring Systems

Product ID: PE-04-01-01

Corrosion monitoring can be described as "The regular measurement of corrosion or corrosivity as it effects an asset". It is most often used to make comparisons between actual and predicted corrosion rates, or for the evaluation of measures taken in prevention or mitigation. .…

Coupon holder

Product ID: PE-04-01-05

The mainstay of most process corrosion monitoring systems is the weight loss coupon, either as a back-up to other methods or, in their own right, where conditions are not so dynamic as to require proactive management…

Electrical Resistance for Corrosion Monitoring

Product ID: PE-04-01-03

Electrical Resistance (ER) probes are the mainstay of most intrusive corrosion monitoring applications, providing on-line data about corrosion rates that may be used to check the efficacy of corrosion inhibition or detect changes in underlying process corrosivity…