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Pressure Seal Equipments

High Pressure Grip lock Pipe Plugs

Product ID: PE-01-04-02

The grip lock plug is tightened inside the pipe the seal expands and the vice rings progressively grip against the pipe wall. The seal is self -energising in that as internal pressure is applied the seal is further compressed. A section of the seal package is abrasive coated to improve grip. Plugs feature a by-pass port to allow pressurisation, filling, venting or pigging. Typically sizes up to 6 ” are mechanically tightened and 8 ” and above are hydraulically tightened.”

Gas Seal stopper

Product ID: PE-01-04-01

General function and application: PE’s gas seal stoppers are an effective way to seal low pressure pipelines, drains and sewers against the inflow and outflow of gas, liquid or debris.The units comprise a fabricated steel or aluminium body together with an inflatable natural rubber tyre. All carbon steel components ….