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Polyurethane Pigs

Solid Cast Pig

Product ID: PE-01-02-05

We are able to offer high performance solid cast pigs manufactured from a single piece polyurethane casting. Solid cast pigs are used mainly in small diameter lines and being moulded in one piece, they are designed to be flexible so they can traverse complex pipeline geometry….

Pig for use on Hygienic / Food Industry

Product ID: PE-01-02-03

A unique, flexible design allows the Marplug pig to travel through pipes, including flexible hoses, which traditional pigs cannot. The Marplug™ pig loves bends, imperfections in pipes and full-bore openings. The Marplug™ pig costs less to run and is safer, using low pressure air for propulsion. Being stored off-line it also lasts longer….

Inflatable separation spheres

Product ID: PE-01-02-02

Solid, inflatable and weighted spheres cast in Omnithane® and used for product separation, liquid evacuation and in meter provers. Our solid spheres are normally used for automated pigging programmes, batching and condensate removal and our inflatable spheres are used for meter proving, batching and condensate removal. Solid spheres are available in standard sizes between 1½” and 8” and inflatable spheres are available from 3” to 48”... 

Polyurethane Foam pigs / Polly pig

Product ID: PE-01-02-01

These moulded polyurethane foam pigs are available in three densities: Light, Medium and Heavy.The range includes bare, coated, abrasive coated and wire brush options. Foam pigs are generally used for liquid removal, swabbing, drying, product separation and many cleaning duties. Foams are often suited to pipeline systems with very tight radii or mitred bends and where significant reductions in internal diameter exist… 

Inflatable Air bags for Low pressure

Product ID: PE-01-02-04

The Inflatable Air Bags, for low pressure applications, allow safe air or water testing of pipes and drains, as well as stopping gas or liquid flow along the line. can be used for a number of applications including: pipe testing, oil pipeline maintenance, gas pipeline maintenance, and drain testing…