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Pig Localization Transmitters

Pig localization system

Product ID: PE-01-05-03

Pipeline Pig Monitoring System will operate as a pig locator or as a pig signaller in pipelines onshore and offshore. The system can be used to find lost and stuck pigs, to confirm a pig has left or arrived at a required location, to count the passage of pigs and can also be used to monitor the movement of a pig….

Mini Transmitter / Smart Pinger

Product ID: PE-01-05-02

Smart Pingers are designed to be easily installed in most Pig manufacturers equipment. When used in applications outwith pipelines, signal range of the Maxi-Micro smart pinger can be in excess of 10km….

Pig localization Transmitter / Pinger

Product ID: PE-01-05-01

The transmitter will operate effectively in buried pipelines, pipelines carrying gas and in pipeline bundles where acoustic pingers are either less effective or ineffective. The transmitters have optimum signal range and the operator can select between continuous and pulsing modes….