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Metal Body Pigs

Uni and Bi-directional Metal Body Pig

Product ID: PE-01-01-01

  • We offer a range of metal bodied pigs as follows:
  • Standard cup pigs
  • Conical cup pigs
  • Bi-directional pigs
  • Dual diameter pigs
  • Sealing/welding pigs
  • Long run pigs
  • Special pigs

Bidirectional Pig for cleaning and gauging

Product ID: PE-01-01-02

Metal bodied pigs are by far the most popular type of pig used for pipeline operational duties. They can be fitted with cups, discs, brushes, plough blades, gauging plates, magnetic bracelets and a whole range of equipment depending on the requirements of a specific pipeline….

Multidiameter Pig    

Product ID: PE-01-01-03

The ability to pig Dual and Multidiameter pipelines offers the operator huge potential savings on piping costs and enables a growing number of offshore marginal fields to be exploided. This pig is both cost effective and yet highly efficient for pre-commissioning…..

Separation and Batching Pig        

Product ID: PE-01-01-04

Batching is primarily used on multi-product lines which transport different products in the same line and the same time. The problem which occurs is ‘interface mixing’ where the product at the end of one batch mixes with the product at the head of the next.