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Welcome to Petrosystem Supply and Service


From many years PETROSYSTEM SUPPLY & SERVICE has been a leading company in the supply of equipment for the maintenance, cleaning and start-up of oil, gas and water pipelines with our unidirectional and bidirectional pig, poly foam pig, spherical pig, gas air bag and gas seal stopper. We also produce: an intrusive pig signaler, whose non-use of dynamic seals design, guarantees a high quality, low cost, low maintenance product; non-intrusive pig signalers (magnetic and ultrasonic); rapid opening closures (bandlock type); vertical, horizontal and oblique launcher and receiver pig, and sphere trap (that can also be equipped with release fingers for the automatic multiple launch of pigs and spheres).


Featured Products

Uni and Bi-directional Metal Body Pig

Product ID: PE-01-01-01

  • We offer a range of metal bodied pigs as follows:
  • Standard cup pigs
  • Conical cup pigs
  • Bi-directional pigs
  • Dual diameter pigs
  • Sealing/welding pigs
  • Long run pigs
  • Special pigs

Flanged / Electrical Intrusive Type Pig Signaller

Product ID: PE-02-01-02

Flanged Pig Signallers main features :

  • To suit pipe sizes from 2”upwards
  • 2” Flanges RF & RTJ available
  • Designed up to and including CL2500*
  • No dynamic seals
  • Can be removed under full line pressure
  • Bi-directional trigger
  • Can not be operated by line pressure

Low flow & low cost turbine flow meter

Product ID: INS-05-01-04

Our comprehensive ranges of radial flow turbine meters offer a selection of products for many differing types of application. Some are suitable for chemical plant others for the semi-conductor industry and others are ideal for drink dispense or beer monitoring equipment. All have rugged bearings and excellent repeatability. The choice of fitting type reflects the function of the meter, some have simple hose barbs and others may be fitted with custom designed process connections to suit a OEM installation

Vee-Notch Ball Valve

Product ID: INS-07-01-05

  • High Performance V-Ball Control Valve
  • Size : from 0.5"to 18.0"
  • Pressure Class : Up to ANSI CL 900
  • Body Type : One - Piece V-notch Ball, Straight - Through, Wafer

Bidirectional Pig for cleaning and gauging

Product ID: PE-01-01-02

Metal bodied pigs are by far the most popular type of pig used for pipeline operational duties. They can be fitted with cups, discs, brushes, plough blades, gauging plates, magnetic bracelets and a whole range of equipment depending on the requirements of a specific pipeline….

Non Intrusive Acoustic Pig Signallers

Product ID: PE-02-02-02

The Model 4000D MAGSIG is a robust Non-Intrusive Magnetic Pig Signaller used to detect and confirm the passage of magnetic pigs at critical points along a pipeline. The unit can log up to 100 events with time and date stamps. Logged data is displayed on a high visibility display incorporated into the unit. A single button is used to cycle through events and/or erase events...

Turbine Flowmeters for gas and liquids

Product ID: INS-05-01-01

These flowmeters are precise, reliable, rugged and built to international standards. Sizes range from 5 to 500 mm with flanged end connections and 5 to 50 mm with threaded end connections. All flowmeters are individually calibrated In-house on Certified Calibration Laboratory


Product ID: INS-07-01-04

This is the most basic type of Desuperheater, consisting of a fixed area nozzle arranged to face downstream at or near the Desuperheating pipe. The Mechanical Spray Desuperheater relies on the pressure differential available across the nozzle to achieve the conditions for rapid absorption of the water into the steam.

Multidiameter Pig    

Product ID: PE-01-01-03

The ability to pig Dual and Multidiameter pipelines offers the operator huge potential savings on piping costs and enables a growing number of offshore marginal fields to be exploided. This pig is both cost effective and yet highly efficient for pre-commissioning…..

Non Intrusive Magnetic Pig Signallers

Product ID: PE-02-02-01

The Non-Intrusive Pig Signaller makes pig detection incredibly easy. Easy to install and easy to read – the Remote indication System lets you see passage LEDs up to 100 meters away. The Magnetic Non-Intrusive Pig Signaller is completely nonintrusive and easily bands to the outside of pipelines from 2” to 60”. Since the Magnetic Non-Intrusive Pig Signaller is non-intrusive corrosion problems are avoided.…

Moisture Oil Monitor

Product ID: INS-06-01-03

Water contamination in oil based fluids can cause numerous problems such as loss of revenue, additive depletion, oil oxidation, corrosion, reduced lubricating film thickness, accelerated component wear rates, microbiological growth, reduction of dielectric strength and loss of power as an example . These problems can be prevented by online monitoring , so that problems can be averted in time.

Butterfly Control Valve

Product ID: INS-07-01-02

These Control Valves have less resistance to flow path and are most suitable for handling higher flow rates. These valves are most economical compared to other valve types and can be used for both tight shut off and moderate control duty applications.
Sizes from 2” To 72”

Separation and Batching Pig        

Product ID: PE-01-01-04

Batching is primarily used on multi-product lines which transport different products in the same line and the same time. The problem which occurs is ‘interface mixing’ where the product at the end of one batch mixes with the product at the head of the next. 

Traps for multiple launches

Product ID: PE-03-01-03

These units are designed to allow the sequential launching of pigs and spheres. In conjunction with release fingers and/or coordinated valve operation the launch process can be controlled remotely enabling traps to be installed on unmanned platforms and facilities. This enables sequential launching to take place without having to repeatedly de-pressurise and re- pressurise after each launching.…

Water cut meter (BSW)

Product ID: INS-06-01-01

Dynamic Response and Quality in Hydraulic Oil, Lubrication Oil, Vegetable Oil, Crude Oil, Diesel Fuel, Fuel /Hydrocarbons, Transmission Fluid. Principle advantages :Flexible ranges

  • Response time 1 second
  • Measurement of total water in any form whether dissolved , free or emulsified
  • Loop powered 2 wire
  • Temperature compensation
  • Monitors Fluid condition of operating equipment or oil product contamination level

Metering Skid for gas and liquids

Product ID: INS-08-01-02

We provides Skid-Mounted Systems, each engineered to our customer's exact requirements for Natural Gas Metering, Pressure Regulation, Conditioning and Control. These skids have been supplied to, Gas Distribution / Gas Transportation Companies and End Users

Inflatable separation spheres

Product ID: PE-01-02-02

Solid, inflatable and weighted spheres cast in Omnithane® and used for product separation, liquid evacuation and in meter provers. Our solid spheres are normally used for automated pigging programmes, batching and condensate removal and our inflatable spheres are used for meter proving, batching and condensate removal. Solid spheres are available in standard sizes between 1½” and 8” and inflatable spheres are available from 3” to 48”... 

Rapid Opening Closure

Product ID: PE-03-02-02

Closures are pressure retaining structures designed to provide access to pipelines and pressure vessels. to provide fast access to pipelines and pressure vessels. Quick to open or close in just 30 secondstwo simple movements, removal of vent plug and the 25º turn of the handle is all that is required to rapidly release the closure.…

inline density meter

Product ID: INS-06-02-01

  • Continuous density measurements in-flow.
  • They’re economical and easy to operate.
  • Select a DC-50 type according to the flow and system parameters you require.
  • Measures highly viscous liquids up to 1200 cP.
  • The received measurements (real density: g/cm, kg/m, lb/gal, lbm/ft, and temperature: °C or °F) are instantly converted to relative

Thickness Gauge

Product ID: INS-08-01-01

This thickness gage uses the transit time propagation method but is used in applications where the thickness of a solid is unknown and measurements are made by placing the sensor on the solid's surface to ascertain it's thickness in mm

Polyurethane Foam pigs / Polly pig

Product ID: PE-01-02-01

These moulded polyurethane foam pigs are available in three densities: Light, Medium and Heavy.The range includes bare, coated, abrasive coated and wire brush options. Foam pigs are generally used for liquid removal, swabbing, drying, product separation and many cleaning duties. Foams are often suited to pipeline systems with very tight radii or mitred bends and where significant reductions in internal diameter exist… 

Corrosion Monitoring Systems

Product ID: PE-04-01-01

Corrosion monitoring can be described as "The regular measurement of corrosion or corrosivity as it effects an asset". It is most often used to make comparisons between actual and predicted corrosion rates, or for the evaluation of measures taken in prevention or mitigation. .…